Can't print flat object to size

I can’t get SketchUp to print my flat model at the size it actually is.

I’m using SU Make. I know SketchUp is a 3-D tool, but I’m just working on on a flat drawing. (I like the way I can dimension the drawing.) My palate is 8.5" h x 11" w. It’s the only object in my file. I have print set-up for letter and landscape.

When I go to print or print preview and check “fit to page”, it reduces the size of my image.

When I uncheck “fit to page”, it wants to print on two pages with the left side of my drawing on the right side of the first page, and the right side of my drawing on the left side of the second page.

Anybody have any ideas about how I can make this print onto an 8.5 x 11 inch letter size page?

SU tries to match your window to the paper, including the empty space you can see around your model. You need to play with the size of your window and with the zoom level on the model, so that the proportions of the window are close to the paper’s (not wicked wide like 16:9) and the model really fills the window. On a Mac you can always use the “open PDF in Preview” to check out how it will print before you send it to the printer. I don’t know if there’s such a utility on Windows.

Wow! Thank you. Never would have figured that one out. Print preview works, and I can always print to PDF as well.

I just did this and got darn close to what I want. I’m using a 1 in = 1 ft scale, and I’d really like to get this to come out so that I’ve got the same thing that I’ve drawn. Unfortunately the app seems to always want to leave a band at the top and the bottom, so the best so far is close, but not quite there.

Bib help. Thanks again.

See this guide at the SketchUp Sage site.