Can't paste 3d models into my sketchup drawing

Hi there,

I have an older file on SU 2014 that I am working on. My first problem is that I can’t see the thumbnails of models in 3D warehouse. So I went to think link:
to download a model, which opens in SU 2015. I’m having a problem copying that model and pasting it into my drawing. Is that because the file is 2015 and I’m working with 2014? Does anyone know how to fix this?

You can’t copy/paste backwards but you can forward. So something copied in 2014 will paste in 2015 but not the other way around. However you can ‘save as’ back to earlier versions.
So save as the component by adjusting the file type dropdown in the save dialog to 2014 or earlier and you’ll be able to use it in that version.

On a related note, usually when you download a model if gives you a choice of SU version, try selecting an older one if it is available. Then make sure you open it using the correct Version on your computer and not just open it in 2015 if you have that set as your default.

When you are using 3D Warehouse with a normal browser, you can go to a model’s page, hit the Download button, and select whichever version you need.