Sketch up 3D Warehouse Doesn't allow me to paste any product

Hello All,

I am having a really difficult time understanding how I could fix the problem I currently have with my 3D warehouse. I am able to find images and download them in SKB file, however, I am unable to paste the window, door or piece of furniture into my file.

When I go into Edit > Paste the Move symbol appears with dimensions on the top of the Move Symbol and the image doesn’t paste.

If anyone can help me with this I would appreciate it, I have exhausted all avenues.

I use File->Import to insert models from my library or from downloaded models’ from 3DW. not sure how to insert them from edit->paste menu, how do you copy them?

If you open the entity panel when you see the move icon, does it hold information (eg. Definition of the component?
It might be very small in comparison with your model.