Can't make pool water surface and bottom into one plane each



One of my favourite scenes of all time! Funnily enough, I ordered the video just a couple of days ago to revisit my youth! My other fave from that film is the Bridge of Death and the running gag about the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow! Check it out.


Hi haha actually thought so :slight_smile: me too.
Do you think an animated gif can be transferred to “my pool surface”?tumblr_p8xql0v8971wtqjbqo1_500
Thanks here is my pool still not populated etc

otherwise will use your mosaic
Thanks so much


Hi here is my pool with your mosaic suggestion

I have another problem
I am working on support structures with lights etc.
I ended up with groups within groups etc
but when I try to copy and multiply the structure some of the parts of the group are not included.
So I open the group to add them back in but then can not click on the part that is missing
as they are greyed out.
Basically how can on add parts from one group to another
you can see the vertical lines of the light boxes are OUT of the group
I can’t really make an array as I should as I have not built it that way and
have made many changes to my first one I just wanted
to copy paste and rotate groups


I f the two groups you want as one group are in the positions you want you could do one of two things…and maybe more. I would select your light group and “cut” it ( it will disappear) then open your other group ( make sure it’s open by double click) and then execute paste in place. Now there should be one group.
Alternatively you could select both of the original two groups and make them a group - “make group”.

Once you have your master group figured I would make it into a component before you copy in an array. That way you can edit and change the component knowing all instances of it will change in the same way. You can always make any copies “unique” if you dont want them to update globally.


Thank you very much

. I have deleted all but one my original. I am not sure how to make the array. Because it’s not all around the circle. And I have one problem to solve first. I have made two circles and they seem to have different sections not matching …that poses a problem! and I need to rotate the whole top work to match the first circle and still consider. To I adjoin the fixture in the center of the corner or do I keep it perpendicular to the side of the wall as now. It’s an outdoor entertainment area on a building. This is my concept not for a client. I wish :slight_smile: I have a tendency of designing ahead and then see my problems later on. I get to excited to see the volume to come along. One of my main frustration is I don’t know how to RENDER at the end to make it look more photorealistic but in Photoshop.
I work on the old SKETCHup I don’t have all the plugins that other people suggest.


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