Can't make pool water surface and bottom into one plane each



What put me off Fredo’s animator was the user interface, whereas regular polygon was much simpler. However, while there is a bit more of a learning curve to Fredo’s it is well worth the effort.

This week Fredo’s UI changed (mainly colour). He makes excellent plugins, and rightly, the effort is in the functionality and not the UI.

and so no more cheese cutting, please.


Hello thank you very much I can’t open your file I am on 2015 only
I have now managed to make the top of the water by extending the verticals around

Now will try your way now. I defined the angle to 1.5 degree 900 to 1600
Thank you very much


Thanks you very much
I managed to make the water as you advised.
Strill batteling with the bottom
Rotated1.5 degree made a volume to intersect and then

I LOVE the mosaic you used, I goes 100 percent in the directopon
that makes this shape look best
Could I ask you where it is to get? Whats the name

Call me stupid but really I don’t know about the “home” button as such
when I go to components nothing happens when I click on the little “home” button


That is funny thanks


Maybe my mosaic should be Emmentaler or Blue Cheese
but I do LOVE the one the first help put into the pool


Made the box all over 1600
and 900 to 1600
then raised it
Still can not intersect with model to cut out ONE floor
made a pattern I “could” live with
have to find out how to project the ONE mosaic on it to make the lines go away.

uploaded on Dropbox


The image was just a random pull from the internet.

Nothing will happen when you click the home button, but it will cause the components window to only display those in your current model. Then using the details arrow on the right will have an option to “purge” unused components in the model. You can then do the same with materials, but do it in that order.

It looks like you got your top and bottom planes as one face ( but as mentioned, you could project the texture onto your original faces)

WATERonly4andFLOOR2016.skp (1.4 MB)


You knew it was coming.


Yes finally
thanks to your and the other gentlemen advice
Thank you very much
Now have to learn to project the image will look on youtube
Will upload a pic of the pool more advanced stage :slight_smile:
Always admired geometrics from the east
One wonders how thousands of years ago they could design layout these perfect symettries in 3D especially on curves…there was no PC no paper big enough etc.


Now that you have a flat plane on the bottom of the pool you don’t need to “project” the texture onto it anymore, just apply the texture as normal and then edit it to move and scale to the position you need.
To project a texture, this is old but shows the principle. In your case you don’t need to have the texture the exact shape and size of your pool bottom, just make sure it is bigger so it covers the whole area.


I thought there was a funny smell as soon as I started running your vid!

You have included several effects there that I am surprised are possible in SU. One is the realistic grain to the chopping board. The other is the twinkle on the blade.

There is, of course, one obvious omission. No mouse! Surely you used one to create this?


Well, hundreds of years ago, anyway. They couldn’t represent animal or human forms because that would challenge their god. But even in the geometric patterns, they weren’t supposed to be achieving perfection (only their god could do that). So things like middle Eastern carpets often had a deliberate flaw built in.

The skills of the ancients and their hand crafts makes one gasp in wonder. They could achieve things that we struggle to achieve now even with much more sophisticated tools. Mind you, their computers were rubbish and their attempts to fly were disastrous.


Your clairvoyance training has finally paid off. I must confess that the twinkle and text are indeed courtesy of after effects, an embellishment I couldn’t resist and for which I hope to be forgiven. The wood grain however is in Sketchup, and like a good varnish, is brought to life with the renderer, adding that little bit of shine and bump.
A mouse was used for this production but no harm came to it, even with the struggles to keep it from the cheese on the screen.


They had a camera to record it:


Lovely. The skill of the guy shaping the tiles with only a bricklayer’s hammer.


You guys are VERY funny! Good to see some humor within this Forum… Love your cheese
but why not cut a horizontal wedge like my pool??? :slight_smile: You know like tasteless people in buffets do.
Haha you chees is very classy. Our cats are watching for the mouse it’s still alive you say.

I see "Whiterabbitdesignco. You are in LA. I have worked in several TIFF winning 2013 and 2017 movies as actor One called The Foreclosure one of best ten shorts out of 900 submissions and one called Luk Luk1 a movie about here downtown Vancouver, where I also worked as Art director, Costume & Set Designer and Actor (no I did not do the cooking) in a 2 million$ Hollywood Indie movie called “Almost a Turkish Soap Opera” on Imdb. But lately things are quiet.
If you have a red carpet work let me know :slight_smile: I am a trained Couturier YSL Paris trained and have an Interior Design diploma. Worked in both fields in Hong Kong for 20+ years.

I really fell in love with 3D all self taught etc. like to design buildings with all the bells and whistles but no developper connections so I guess it will all die on my PC :-).


Fantastic Video …now how do they know that star will fit the pattern in a curved mosque?
Been to Morocco severl times loved it my ex boss YSL had his mansion there.
Painted our house in South Africa with Morocco blue and terra cotta etc.
I am just recycling Belgian Blue stone ready cut for a garden project.
Still amazing how the would to the mosques of Isfahan and all the others
You know of any book that adresses that evolution of Art, never found one
My grand father was the president of Europe’s largest Stone Mason guild for 33 years.
I love all stuff stone my husband is a geologist…but working in 3D not on the field.
Thanks GREAT video


Thanks Victor. Glad you appreciate the humour !! You’ve done some interesting stuff, will certainly check out the LukLuk1 film, the trailer was great.
The only red carpet I get to go in is the small piece I wipe my feet on inside the front door, not quite as glamorous as its longer cousin. BUT if I do, I will bear you in mind.


Thanks for video Mike. Fantastic skill.

Now have you found one recording medieval attempts to fly?


sorry, stillllll looking for llll in fight…