Cutting the glass

I try to cut the glasses going out of my pool’s roof but without success.
The glasses and the roof are components I’ve made and after double selection I do not have the right click submenu “Solid” to cut off what I do not want anymore.

Can anyone help me ?
Many thanks in advance. :pray:
Excuse my bad english, but I did not find the french page to ask my question.

You can learn the fundamentals on:
SketchUp also has a YouTube channel with excellent tutorials. Search for solid tools…

Thank you
I do not find such menu…

I meant search for solid tools on their YouTube channel…

If you attach your model someone can check it and give you some specific advise.

Here it is
Piscine1.skp (743.7 KB)

I see, according to the tutorial I found that the glasses are not considered as a solid !
I must have made something wrong…
keep searching…

Unfortunately you have used (scaled) groups instead of a copied scaled component.
But in each group is a short stray edge near the bottom that determines the larger bounding box…
Delete it and the glass group will be a solid group.
If they were instances of one component you would only have to do this (delete) operation once.

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I just took a look at your file…
problem 1: Some of the glass panels are indeed not solid. You can use an extension called Solid inspector2 to investigate them and some problems can be fixed automatically by this extension. Very handy to have!

Problem 2: you made a group of all glass panel groups. This big group will never be solid because a solid can not contain nested groups or components. You could make all panels solid and after that explode all panels to make the big group a solid group witch you can then use with the solid tools. Better would be to explode the big group to leave the panels as solid groups witch you can use with solid tools… After solid tools you could regroup all panels in one big group.

As @Wo3Dan said, using components instead of groups has many benefits!!
You should look into that.

This is an animation of what the others have already mentioned.
You should keep on top of reversed faces, you should only see white faces when looking in monochrome.
GIF 11-02-2022 11-51-22 PM


Thank you very much all of you.
It’s working
I’m not sure I’ve absolutely understood everything but I know I still have to train more and more and continue to visit the turorials on the SketchUp channel

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