Can't login (macbook) SU2024

Its a while since I used skecthup and the last time there was non of the online subscription required.
Having now gong through ahuge pain to actuall purchases a subscription I download SU2024 and try to login

I login it redirects back yo my Macbook and the connections is refused. And there we stop…
No access to the software - I have no firewalls running etc ping form the command line - but no software…

why is this so difficult - i have plenty of other subscription based software that logins in just fine!

In some networks is seen to be Intranet. You will at some point need to figure that out, as signing in does use it. You might try a phone as a hotspot, to see if the sign in works ok that way.

For the download of the disk image, you wouldn’t want to do that with a phone hotspot! Here is a direct link to the 2024 DMG: