Login problem: Safari Can't Connect to the Server because can't connect to

my Mac can’t login to sketchup pro 2023 desktop. upon clicking “login”, safari error states “Safari can’t connect to server Safari can’t open the page “” because safari can’t connect to the server”
followed similar topics and tried suggestions to clear web cache, turned off all blockers (I don’t have any 3rd party apps blocking anything), allowed all things sketchup in settings, etc… Help! really want to use desktop version so I can tap into VRay. can’t do that with web version.

btw, I run the windows version of sketchup via parallels virtual machine

That’s a complicated setup - you will be just throwing performance away for V-Ray.

Unless there are any parallels networking wizzes here, the parallels forums are probably going to be a better bet.
V-Ray is heavily reliant on similar networking things too, so you’ll likely have more issues. is the machine you are on, however as you are running a machine inside a machine , it might be pointing back at your Mac.

can I modify the SU call to the server and tell it the correct IP address to ping for the login server? or assign a web address rather than a server IP?

Try setting Parallels to use Chrome instead of Safari.

Also, even only using Mac I have seen cases where Safari’s web page is full of text saying it can’t load that page. When that happens doing Command-R often gets it through to the page.