Redirect from login not working - can't open


I’m new to SketchUp, first time I’ve downloaded the application.

After it opens I’m asked to signin, and I’m sent to a browser to authenticate. That is successful and I’m redirected back to something like:

However Chrome reports that it can’t connect to port 53512. Seems that SketchUp isn’t listening.

I’ve tried lots of different browsers, different sketchup versions etc. The SketchUp App is added to OSXs permitted list of applications in the firewall settings.

I’ve also tried replacing with localhost.

Any ideas?


From where did you download the SketchUp installer image?

The official website - the auto download that was sent my way when I signed up for the trial.


Is there anything in your system that might make be interpreted as an Intranet address? Or anything else that blocks ports locally?

A couple of people have had problems connecting to, and found a Safari setting that helped. I didn’t go to look for those posts, hopefully you can find them.