Facing login issue - very slow response from SketchUp

I have taken subscription 16 days back for Sketchup pro but still unable to login into desktop Application. Sent email to sketch up and there is very slow response from them and not understanding the issue. sending some usefulness links.

Seems like my money is lost.

I have sent a classic license as a work around for now. One thing to try, before adding the classic license, where you see, try changing that to localhost.

So, the URL that cannot be reached would start with localhost:54039/signin instead of Then hit Enter, and see if the sign in succeeds.

What environment? Citrix?

I am having the same problem. Cannot login - have tried multiple browsers. Directs me to - have changed to localhost… no go. Have spent an hour going through support stuff - can’t find solution. Have reported a case on main site - no response. Pretty frustrating after having shelled out $300+. Please help.


I found your support email and will send you a license to keep you going.

You’re the first Mac user to have the problem, I might see if you can do a screen share.

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