Can't open authentication window

Hoping for a quick fix here: Sketchup Pro wants me to Log into my account again. Usually you click the button, a browser-window opens, I login, Sketchup works. For some strange reason that I cannot figure out right now the click on the Login/Restart-Browser Button doesn’t do anything. Does anybody know what URL I need to enter into the Browser to get to the login-dialog? (MacOS, if it makes a difference)

I had a similar problem yesterday. This was the response from Tech Support:

  1. Sign out of SketchUp (from the message screen you are seeing, click the Person Icon in the upper right and > Sign out)

  2. Close SketchUp completely (If you are on a Mac, please be sure to go to your Dock and right click on SketchUp and LayOut and select either Quit or Force Quit. This step not being followed will cause this fix to fail, so please be sure you are closing SketchUp!)

  3. Reopen SketchUp

  4. Sign back in and see if this resolves the issue.


Thx man! This helped. I was not able to sign out of Sketchup BUT I was still able to access Layout somehow and so I could sign out of there… Now it’s working again. That sign-in process is highly annoying

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