Can't import a DAE fill to sketchup

Hi, i have SketchUp pro 2020. I’ve tried to import DAE fill from a measurement App called POLYCAM on my iPhone to my SketchUp but its don’t let my do it…
If someone know what im talking abut and can help me i will appreciate it .
thank you,
Dror Porat

Hi, DAE files normally open fine in SketchUp. Maybe there’s something ‘strange’ in the DAE.
You could try to open it in Blender (=open source). If that works, save it to DAE from Blender and import that file into SketchUp.

The DAE export in Polycam is a Pro feature, and I don’t have a subscription with them. You can export GLB, even in the free version, then import that into SketchUp using this extension:

After installing the extension you can then use File/Import, and chose GLB from the format list.

It’s taking a long time to import my test file, hopefully it will succeed eventually!

I use 3dScanner App and I usually don’t have problems. When the mesh is big, sometimes it’s impossible.

hi Colin thank you for you answer. unfortunately i dont have glb on my polycam

Hi max is blander is another program?


In their export list it’s labelled as GLTF. It is a glb file that it makes. My import test did work eventually.