Can't go back to Version 23 of Pro, and my toolbars keep on dissappearing! Help please!

Hi! I use Windows 10, and Sketchup pro for my work. I have been using V23 with no problems until a couple of days ago, when I tried to open my model and the toolbars had dissappeared. This was a model I had been working on all week, so I saved it every night before uploading to my job’s drive. Nothing I tried worked, so I downloaded the newest version, thinking I could save as a V23 for my colleagues and reuploaded my extensions.
Now it doesnt allow me to use V.23 at all, it doesn’t give me the option to save to a lower version AND my toolbars dissappear every time I open a model, any of them. Setting them back up every day is wasteful not to mention annoying, plus I need to be able to save to a lower version…! Please help!

there are 2 main reasons why toolbars don’t stick :

  • either you’re not quitting properly
  • or it wasn’t installed properly.

The first one, the interface is saved when you properly quit sketchup. if sketchup crashes, no go.
if you have several sketchup instances opened at the same time, only the last one you quit will keep its interface.

the second one, when installing, you should right click on the installer and install as an admin. that way, all the authorisations are given to SU. if not, then SU could not have access to certain folders, making it impossible to keep track of certain things.
You could simply download the installer again, right click on it, run as admin, and here choose repair.

there are no more versions since 2021.
sketchup 21, 22, 23 and 24 can open each other’s files without any conversion needed. you’ll have a message telling you it was made more recently, just in case, but it opens fine.

if you REALLY need to save to an older version (2020 and older) there are solutions / extensions.

Thank you! That explains it. I will run as admin.
thanks again!

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