Can't get rid of Profile Bolded Lines to fill in shapes


Been trying for hours to get my shapes intact so I can fill them with colors - bolded (profile) lines pop up everywhere causing unusable shapes. Need assistance if possible!

Link to sketchup file is below. Thank you!


View > Monochrome mode…
Draw in some temporary diagonal lines to split the faces - here’s a view of a few…

Also your faces need consistently orienting, and keep raw-geometry [lines/faces] assigned to Layer0.
Only assign other layers to groups/components made from those.
Layers are used to control visibility, they do not separate geometry - so having faces and edges on different layers can lead to disaster - deleting a visible-layered edge will also ‘unexpectedly’ deleted its hidden-layer.
face !
You can ‘lock’ groups and components separately from their layers…


I will do my best - thhank you!


What does monochrome mode do by the way? I’m trying to use it to fix the lines, but I don’t see the use - rather it makes it harder at points.

Thank you for helping


Monochrome mode causes SketchUp to ignore materials so that everything is handled as if it has the default material. This is especially valuable for detecting reversed faces because you can apply a material separately to both the front and back of a face, obscuring when it is reversed.


Okay thank you. I’m still having trouble connecting the dots still… ill fix certain areas of the map then boom, another area gets messed up. It’s a never ending cycle.

Due to shortage of time I had somebody else do a portion of the map and I was trying to combine them together… what a disaster.I’ve spent hours just trying to fix this.