Can't get polygon to show a surface for Push/Pull

I created these (I see you can’t load pics here) curves and lines to create this shape. Then I went around and Welded each segment. However, this did not close it it up or create an editable surface.
I ave been all over the place and now I’m trying here.

Thanks in advance!.

You can load images, 7th icon from the left at the top of the message box, or drag and drop…
so without the image or better still the model, we have nothing to go on.

Welding a collection of edges only means that its resultant ‘curve’ will ‘extrude’ as a smooth object [no faceting] in subsequent operations.
If a collection of any edges is coplanar [welded or not], and it forms a ‘loop’ , then the way to add a face to it is to draw over one edge segment of it, and Sketchup will auto-face it for you.
However, if the edges do not form a closed loop, then no face is added.
Also, if the edges do loop but they are not all coplanar. then no effort will add one face.
That form then needs a ‘surface’ - i.e. a number of faces [probably triangulated] which can existing for some of those [coplanar] edges.
Triangulating will result in three connected edges which by definition is likely to produce a face [unless they are also colinear!]
Consider this…

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Thanks for the reply and explanation. I don’t understand a lot here, but
maybe I can get this to work…

Thanks again!