Can't find Axis plugin for Trimble SketchUp in the Extension Warehouse

I had the Axis plugin installed in Sketchup 2020 and working quite fine. Then, out of the blue, the Axis toolbar disappeared. Tried disabling and re-enabling the extension, but that didn’t work in showing the toolbar. So as a desperate attempt, I uninstalled the plugin with the hopes of reinstalling and moving on with my work. Only now to find out that I’m unable to locate the plugin again in the extension warehouse.

Can someone please help with this?

Thanks in advance.

Do a search on the Extension Warehouse. There are multiple extensions about axes, I’m not sure which you mean.

It seems likely that you accidentally turned off the toolbar for that extension. After you reinstall, look at View->Toolbars to check.

Sorry, I should have been clearer. I meant Axis plugin for Trimble SketchUp.
Same as in the heading for the post.

This is what a search for “axis” in the SketchUp Extension Warehouse returns:

I don’t seen anything named simply “Axis” or “Axis plugin” so I still don’t know which extension you mean.

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What does this “axis plugin” do for you? Since there doesn’t seem to be one specifically called ‘Axis’ maybe a description of what it does would help us help you.

It’s unfortunate when a company name exactly matches a SketchUp feature.

Their SketchUp plugin seems to have vanished, you may need to contact their support:

Sorry for the delay in responding. The extension is for a company called Axis Communication and provides models of their cameras as well as tools to edit the camera settings, etc.
Link to their Installation and User Guide:

Image showing what the toolbars look like:

As Colin indicated, you should contact them directly since it appears they’ve removed their extension.

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Thanks. I missed his response.

Thanks Colin. Will make contact as suggested and see how it goes from there.