Can't extrude very long and very thin walls

Riverarch - 1 floor.skp (148.2 KB)
I have a simple but very large floor and I am trying to use Push/Pull to extrude walls a standard 10’ height all the way around, prior to doing cutouts for windows, doors, etc. Some worked and some didn’t (see attached model). Any ideas why?
Of course I realize that these cannot be load bearing walls in such a large structure. The I-beams will come later, but first I need to know “Can Sketchup handle very long (up to 300’) and relatively thin (standard 6” thick) walls?"

the lines are slightly off the plane, the plane itself is tilted. making the walls should not be a problem if everything is level, Riverarch - 1 floor.skp (150.4 KB)
i placed a level rectangle at the corner, alongside redid as “true”

@NewThinking2 you have had this problem before, with the arch not being properly aligned to the axes.

You need to pay attention to inferencing tootips when starting new components. Make sure that your new lines/points/rectangles/circles start correctly. For example:

Tap one of the arrow keys to align a circle centre with its normal along an axis when you start to draw it.

Draw a big rectangle on the ground plane and make it a group, to make it easier to draw lines and rectangles in the ground (or vertical) plane.

Why don’t you just offset the perimeter 4" and pull it up?

Ah, I understand. One of the other problems is the sheer size, which makes it impossible - at least on any kind of normal monitor - to create a 6" wide wall that’s 300’ long in one step. So I wound up pulling it out in stages, zooming in and out and moving up the base.

Here you go, 300 feet long 100 feet deep and a 6 inch wall all the way around.
You don’t have to see everything to get it done, type the sizes you need and hit enter.

Here’s a way to make the single wall too.