Can't edit sketchup model imported from ArchiCAD. It turns yellow and can't even explode

It seems already exploded, in the selection you have raw geometry (lines, faces).

Does archicad export exploded models?! If that is the case I 'm in for creating a new exporter.

EDIT: It seems it exports actual Objects (Groups in this case, not Components).

The yellow selection color is the default selection color for all models generated with the SKP SDK.

Hey thank you!
But the model looks like exploded. (Each surface of a wall is sperated) any fix for that?

Did you generate the .skp? I believe it got exploded by someone.

Looking at your layers panel it seems the selected geometry in model is on multiple layers…you might try isolating by “selecting all on same layer”>>>> Group (selected)>>> once grouped edit the grouped contents and place all geometry on Layer Zero…repeat.