Can't draw on Seemingly OK face

Hello! I’m having an issue creating inlaid lettering on a flat face. I’m writing the word “Flow” which I intend to push into the face .75 mm. The face has no hidden geometry. It already has the lettering L and W drawn on it, and I can correctly push/pull those. However, when I draw to draw any more letters (F or O) the face breaks up, and the lines don’t intersect with the face… therefor I can’t push/pull the letters. There’s nothing I can tell as to why this is happening.

Are you working with very small objects? Can you post the model?

Hi! It’s not very small, I actually scale it up 100x to work on it. I work in SketchUp Free, so as far as I can tell all I can share is an STL fileFLOW lettering error.stl (87.7 KB)

The other odd thing is, if I copy and paste this portion of my model, and try to edit the copy, it works as expected. I suppose that can be my workaround…

You can download the SU file to your computer from SU Free, then upload it here to the forum.

Thank you for your responses! I’ve figured out that I can create a copy of the problem model, and it isn’t affected the same way. This must just be a weird bug of SketchUp. So I just edited the copy and attached to my model. Thank you again for your responses!