Cant download Su-podium v2.6

I am a student and I downloaded 2020 version free trial of sketchup. I need su-podium and i’m trying to use their 30 day trial version with no luck. It said " adobe acrobat could not open Su-podium because is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged".
ANYONE?? support is so hard or almost impossible to contact.

So you tried to open the .rbz file? Don’t do that. Instead open SketchUp and go to Window>Extension Manager and click Install Extension. Find the file and click Open.

It’s Sunday and the Customer Support staff are spending it with their families.

Please update your profile with the correct information.

I dont see any extension in the manager that i can download for the plugin.

You’ve already downloaded the Podium extension, right? If you haven’t actually downloaded it, do that first. Follow my instructions from above.

Screenshot - 4_26_2020 , 4_37_25 PM

Man, wish I had a family. Glad you pointed him in the right direction.

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