I just installed SketchUp Pro 2015 and can't open old .skp files, which were created in SUP 2013

I am running Yosemite 10.10 on an iMac. I did uninstall prior version prior to the upgrade. I have also already completed the “Did you know most issues with SketchUp on a Mac can be solved in one of two ways?” task list. Not only can I not open my old files, I can not close SketchUp without force-quitting – there is no “Quit” showing up in the file menu, and there is no red circle in the application menu. Unfortunately, I need this file open in the next 2 hours to capture a critical measurement. Any helpers out there? Appreciation in advance!..

Update: I failed to mention that I had also installed the Podium V2 plugin. By uninstalling, then reinstalling WITHOUT Podium V2, I am able to open my old files and have the appropriate “quit” buttons. Has anyone else had this problem with Podium V2? Thanks.

That’s the first time I hear of an extension preventing SketchUp to load SKP files.
However, is Podium compatible with SU2015?

Yes. The Podium V2 Plus download (mac specific) was specifically for SU2015. This weekend we will explore reattempting the Podium V2 plugin install, and I’ll post our results.