Can't combine objects by exploding



I have always relied on ungrouped (and non component objects) to stick together, I am having trouble in SU 2016. I want to combine shapes and objects into a single object simply by connecting them in the same plane. They remain separate even when not grouped. Any ideas?

I am certain everything is planar. Even when moving the smaller shape proud of the larger, they do not connect at all and remain as if grouped separately. Only in some cases can I perform the desired operation as in the second shot.


Hex.skp (87.1 KB)


Select all the geometry(Ctrl+A) right click on the selection and Intersect Faces with selection. Then erase the small faces and it is done.


Your model is quite small and that can cause problems, but a select of the geometry and intersect faces with selection sorts it out for you.


Thank you. Simple fix…I am still curious as to why non grouped objects won’t become a single object. I have never had this issue and rely on this feather of sketchup often.


At times it does this to me also when I am joining halves together. It might be that there are too many objects that try to break a face, or that the scale is a bit small or whatever. In time you get to understand the fix not what quite happens.
Another way for this would be do draw a line along one of the lines of the four objects, for each object, and it will intersect the shapes.