Can't click on any of the faces in my model-

Hi, I have been working on my model all day and all has been fine, all of a sudden I cannot click on any of the lines or faces in the model and when I change perspective view it throws me out into nowhere and I have to spend ages zooming back in. I can select all faces by dragging right to left and everything turns blue but I cant select or do anything once its been selected, if I draw a new shape or line I can select and edit like normal.

I cant upload the file as its too big

Any ideas?


How about uploading it to Dropbox and sharing the link?

Possibly you’ve got a bit of text positioned at a great distance from the rest of the model. What happens if you set the camera to Perspective and hit Zoom Extents?

Have you been making groups and/or components? Can you select them in Outliner and use Zoom Selected to zoom into them?

Hi, When i change to perspective and click zoom extents it takes me miles out, i don’t think i have anything positioned out a great distance as it was working normally and then just stopped.

i have been making groups and creating components.

Dropbox - File Deleted

Link attached.


I dunno. I didn’t have any problem opening your model, setting perspective, then zoom extents…

Is this what you expect to see?

Edit: be advised that you have been adding leader texts to a basically 2D model. There is a known bug that can cause leader text to swoop out to infinity if you edit what it is attached to. Yours look ok, but heads up!

Edit 2: You aren’t using SketchUp’s layers safely. There are over 10000 edges or faces associated with other than layer0. Only groups and component instances should use layers other than layer0.

Hi, its not the right model, for some reason the file reverted back to before these issues. The model you have looked at I can access fine with no problems. I have resaved the model here:

The text, i removed so i know its not in the model any more (i only used them as a quick reference then deleted)

The layers are a mess, i inherited the original plans which i am trying to work through as i go, but its a real nightmare.

This version has suffered the (known) singular text bug. If you attach leader texts to a basically 2D model and then edit the model, you may trigger this bug, which causes the text to lose its attachment and swoop off to infinity. In your model, the errant text has also caused the camera to swoop off an enormous distance in the z direction, which is no doubt causing your difficulties selecting things and is why it goes crazy when you shift to perspective. One of the reasons I avoid parallel projection while developing a model is that it masks how far the camera is from the model and can cause strange effects when the camera is far away.

Here’s a dropbox link to a repaired version:


Thank you! :slight_smile: