Can't add or remove buttons to toolbars


I’m trying to add or remove buttons from my Sketchup toolbars but can’t find any customization option available (in either the Pro 2014 or Pro 2015 versions). I can create a new custom toolbar but then I can’t add any buttons to it at all. And ideas or tips will be much appreciated.


While the Toolbar window is open, you can drag various tools around, or ***copy a select tool using control while dragging ***
So you may need to open other toolbars to access buttons you want on your customised toolbar

use reset on a toolbar if you have invertly moved instead of copying


Thanks. I just tried that and it works exactly as you describe. So I’m getting somewhere. But what I really want to do is create my own custom buttons (for example I want to create a “Paste in place” button and add it to the toolbar of my choosing. Is that possible?


You can create a short_cut

Window / preferences / Shortcuts and select from the menu, paste in place, and choose a key

sensible say “v” (like control “v”) so for easy memory

if the key is already in use, sketchup will warn you, in this case it is free


OK - I created a short cut key. Thanks. But I still want a button!


I believe the best that sketchup offers is the standard copy & paste buttons on the standard tool bar.

However, since most tool modifiers are key strokes, you will find your other than the mouse hand hitting shift, control, x, space bar…
so having buttons okay when the mouse pointer is near them is good, however you will soon find the other hand can be quicker

example as with copy and array
spacebar, click,m, click, then control, click , then some number, enter, then x and a number, enter