Can't activate SketchUp 2022

I downloaded Stetchup 2022, and when I signed back into Trimble it won’t let me launch the application ?

You need to give more information for anyone to be able to help you.
Firstly complete your forum profile with all the relevant information so we have some idea of exactly what OS you are using.
Then outline what is actually happening.
If you are on a Mac I won’t be responding further as I have no experience with them. But be sure you have installed .dmg correctly.

My Forum profile notes that i am using gMac OS

I am aware of that, but your profile is so sparse and could be from 2017, so it could be anything and there are so many Mac OS versions.
But if you don’t want help don’t bother adding anything more.

Its not updated

It’s like pulling teeth.

Hi All, I have updated my profile.

I think people want you to state which version of Mac OS you are using, as that will affect how they can help you.

ok will do

I think I have a new idea. In the account pages there is a place where you can launch your product, which in the case where you have the web version, it would open up the right web page.

There isn’t anything like that for the desktop application, though there may be a button to go to the downloads page.

To open SketchUp you need to go into Applications, SketchUp 2022, and open SketchUp from there.

I can open it up in the browser but still not form the App

So you installed it by doubleclicking the disk image (install-file) and dragging the app to the application folder?
Then you double-clicked the app file ?
Nothing happened, or did it stop at activation/ sign in?
Can you start in trial-version mode?