Cannot Open Pro

Just installed SketchUp Pro 2022 and the program is telling me it’s experiencing technical difficulties and that it cannot authorize this device?

What version of Mac OS?

Big Sur 11.6

Did you actually install SketchUp or are you trying to open from the .dmg?

@colin might have some suggestions.

Pretty sure I installed it. It says it cannot open from this device

Did you try signing out and signing back in?

What happens if you go to and sign in there?

many times

Hopefully Colin will have a moment to look in shortly.


Your later screenshot looks more hopeful. If you still have 2021 installed, try opening that, sign out, then in 2022 sign out and sign in again.

I don’t see any issue with your subscription, or with our servers at the moment.

ok, should I just delete 2021?

No, at least not until 2022 is working. You can open 2022 documents in 2021, and at least keep working.

If the test doesn’t work out, sign back in with 2021 for now. I will check with colleagues whether there is a known issue going on.

bingo! It opened. I had a 2017 version that I deleted and it seems to be working now

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