Can't Launch

Hey guys, I’ve bought another year via Trimble for 350euro. Yet when I try to launch via the Mac I am getting 2 pop up windows (sign in to access subscription) and then (complete the sign in process with your browser) then it just freezes. Does anyone else have any idea what is wrong? thank you in advance


I’m afraid, we nned more infos than that, you can actually complete your profile:

when you say you use a mac, what are you using ? mac M1 / M2, mac intel ? what version of the OS, ventura, monterrey, older ?

I assume when you say “it freezes”, you mean it doesn’t open you browser to sign in ?

Hi sorry I am currently on MacBook Pro 2020 running macOS Big Sur.

I am active via trimble/ green light one user. I can use the web version but the app in the dock freezes. I’m a newbie at this but I would like to try and get the issue resolved please

Try the steps in this article:

One of them involves deleting a log in file, that may well be the problem in your case.

Another thing to check, Command-click on the SketchUp icon in the Dock, and make sure that you are taken to Applications/SketchUp 2022. If you are taken anywhere else, the disk image for example, SketchUp has not been copied to Applications.

If you wanted to have a fresh start you could download the disk image from here:

Drag the SketchUp 2022 folder onto the Applications alias, and let it replace the existing copy if it’s there.

The Log-in-errors article that is linked has had its information merged into an FAQ article. This is the new link to use: