Sign in problem after upgrade

Hi all,
I have upgraded today from SketchUp 2017 Pro to 2022 Pro and cannot get past the signing in splash window.
I can sign in on my Trimble account and can see that I have a license but the app itself is just hanging.
There is no response to the “Launch Browser again” button being pressed.
I have tried making different browsers my default (Chrome and Edge)
Windows 11
I have tried closing down my PC, various restarts - it hangs at the same point every time.
I have contacted tech support and attached a crash log.
No-one has got back to me yet (I am in the UK)
What else can I do - I’m unable to work.
Any help appreciated - Thanks!

Did you install SketchUp 2022 correctly? That requires right clicking on the installer and selecting Run as administrator.

Your subscription license is up to date?

Hi Dave,
Thanks for getting back to me
I believe I followed all the instructions correctly. Installed as administrator and on my online account I have approval for my payment and a link to follow to download the app. which I try to do (have tried 5 times so far) everytime a splash screen pops up asking me to sign in but goes no further

OK - some progress.
But I had to run SketchUp.exe AS ADMINSTRATOR!
That cannot be right can it?

No. I’d close SketchUp and make sure you are signed in under your normal user ID. Then find the installer, right click on it, choose Run as administrator, and then choose Repair. After that do a cold reboot of your computer. It might help and won’t hurt.

Yup - after a full shutdown and cold boot it’s now coming straight up in normal user mode.
Thanks for your help.

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Good. Did you also do the Repair?

No… I uninstalled. rebooted and reinstalled. then had to right click the actual exe file to launch the programme. Once launched I rebooted again then opened the app up under my normal profile.
Not sure why I had to right click and launch the app as an administrator but it seemed to work.
Thanks for your help.
Enjoying the new version :slight_smile:

Probably because you didn’t right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator. If you had done so, you wouldn’t need to launch SketchUp that way.

I did… but never mind. Sorted now anyway :+1: