After signing in using Chrome, Sketchup Pro 2021 won't continue to open

I start Sketch up and the SketchUP Pro splash appears and I click on the Sign In button. Chrome opens and takes me to the Trimble site to login. I’ve tried using my email and password and using the login with Google option. Both appear to log me in as it comes back and says you may now close this window and continue using the software. Except the splash doesn’t disappear and instead the sign in button is replaced with an Launch Browser Again button. I’ve tried re-installing/repairing Sketchup and no improvement. Ideas?

When you did that did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator?

Maybe it’s taken to long. (are you beyond a proxy server?)
Try to go to and sign in there. See if it sticks when signin in in SketchUp.

Thanks DaveR. Run as admin did the trick!

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Could you say whether you ran the installer as admin, or you ran SketchUp as admin? We do have some cases where the problem was solved by running SketchUp as admin.

I ran the installer as admin.

It doesn’t work, I have chosen open as administrator to start sketchup, the issue remains.

The last time I use SketchUp is around 2months ago, but it should not be a problem.
Or it is related to google cache stuff ??

If you open SketchUp itself as admin, does it then open ok, and it fails to open if you don’t open as admin?

That aside, you have a subscription. Have you thought about trying SketchUp 2022.0.1 (the current version)? It had a security related fix in it that I’m hoping may help in cases like this.