Cannot type ' or " in the length box, any suggestions please?


I am able to write numbers but not the symbols ’ or " on the Length box, any idea why and how to solve this issue? Much thanks!



Have you already tested these same characters in another program on your computer?

If possible try hooking up another keyboard to your computer, and testing the results of that.

I can’t think of any settings that would change the character mapping for these particular symbols. So as a first step in troubleshooting, I think you have rule out the possibility of a sticky (or even broken key) on your keyboard.

The two characters do share the same key, so if one wasn’t working I’d also expect the other one not to work as well.

Assuming that everything checks out fine in other software programs, what are the specifics of your computer set up?

… and what sort of keyboard are you using? . . . If it’s a 3rd party high end keyboard that requires its own set of drivers… I’d also make sure that you’re using drivers that are suitable for your OS.


I suppose we CAN rule this out since you’ve already typed them into your browser, right?

… but even still, if you have another keyboard laying around, then I’d still test it out.


JimD, thank you!!!
Your comment made me realize that this was not about SketchUp but something else…
My keyboard was setup to “US International” and once I set it up to “US” only, the key works properly in SketchUp.

Thanks again :slight_smile: