Cannot Sign Up for Sketchup For Schools

I am going to the website to sign up my school for Sketchup For Schools. We have G Suite, but after I enter my email address to continue, the webpage doesn’t do anything. How can I get signed up so I can install the app onto Chromebooks and use

By pinging @joy

@NORVIN your domain is on our whitelist, so try logging in now with your school email adress.

Thanks! Is there a Chromebook app available for this or is it all on the website at

SketchUp for Schools is a browser application, not specifically a Chromebook app. And yes, is the url to access.

Alright. Thanks again.

I’m unable to signup for Sketchup for Schools.
After reaching this page
I selected that my school is using Google Suite and selected that I am student,
Post selecting NEXT, the next page comes as https://download/my-apps?from=higher&os=
Seems like the link is broken. Please help me.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. If your school administrator has allowed SketchUp for Schools on your local app store, you will be able to access and sign in to the app directly using this address:

Hey, we seem to be having that issue too where just a few students in our organization are getting the “isn’t whitelisted” error, but the majority are doing just fine. Do you think you could check that and are whitelisted? Thanks!

We are having the same problem where most of my students are able to sign up with their G-Suite Acct but a few cant seem to get in. They keep trying with no luck. Student.WLPS.ORG.

@hlower and @pdavis The domains you provided have been whitelisted, please let us know if you have any other issues.

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We are having the same issue in our district. Our students were able to log in this moring without issue, this afternoon they are not able to get in. What is whitelisting and what do you need to white list our district. Thanks

@m.england Could you please send me a screenshot of the message that your students are receiving?
To whitelist your accounts I need your school’s domain address which will allow us to verify internally that you are an education organization.

Hi Tori,

Thanks for getting back to me. Our domain is I will get you a screenshot asap. It was asking them to verify their accounts and after selecting it from a list, it would loop back and ask again. The students were all using Chromebooks tied to our domain. Thanks


Hi Matt, I’ve whitelisted your school’s domain, please let us know if you continue to see issues.

Thank you, it worked fine this morning.

Same here

Stopped working 08 October 2020 I don’t know who to contact

Same here, in our School no one can login anymore, we already installed wide domain the app and is whitelisted but it keeps asking to login with edu account. Our domain is


@luis.olarte We have added your domain to our registry. Google has made some recent changes to their login requirements which has caused many G Suite users to need to re-install the app.

If you are still unable to access SketchUp for Schools please see the instructions posted here: SketchUp for Schools Login Changes for G Suite Users