Cannot Save files to Trimble Connect unless antivirus is off

Hello all, I’ve been using SU for web for the last 6 to 8 months successfully both at home and at work. In the last few weeks however, I’ve encountered an issue with saving files at home. Opening the same files off from SU for Web thru Trimble Connect, I can save them / autosave at work but I cannot do so at home. In both cases I can download the .skp file without issue.

After investigating it for a bit, I eliminated both my firewall and my pi-hole DNS sinkhole, and narrowed it down to my antivirus software (BitDefender Antivirus Free). Only if I turn off my AV, then SU for web will save my file to Trimble Connect as normal: if it’s on however, SU for web gives me the following error popup:

We’re having an issue reaching Trimble Connect. Please download a backup file. While you try that, we’ll be working on this issue."
with only an [ok] button below it.

In my internet searches, I only saw one other posting about an issue but it wasn’t for SU for web, but another Trimble Connect product and the advice there was to add an exclusion for “” (or similar, but I can no longer find the thread), but that did not work.

For now, I just turn it off when I need to save, but it’s rather inconvenient. Any help would be appreciated. Thx in advance!

To add an app in bitdefender:


When I save on my system in the web-based browser (Chrome) these ip addresses are being called:

Trimble Connect Sync:

Hey Mark, thanks for the input. Since I’m using the webapp, I don’t think there’s anything to exclude from my AV, I’d have to target the destination of the queries vs the source on my end, as Chrome already has access (I’d think at least).

Also, I’ve gone thru and whois’ed the host IPs above and found the following:

142-etc is Google
104-etc is Cloudflare
62-etc is Liberty Global
172-etc is Google again
62-etc is Liberty Global again
13-etc is Amazon CloudFront
239-etc is a private IP address maybe in your home or office

so looks like the above IPs are all telecom companies save for the last one, and sadly none point directly to Trimble or Sketchup.

No doubt they are using multiple services. The files are hosted on Amazon, for sure. The rest IDK, but could be complicated:

You could discontinue Bit Defender and use the native AV and firewall provided with Windows.

RLGL and Mike - I have been considering this, but I shouldn’t have to disuse an AV that I have used for probably over a decade to save my Sketchup files that I have successfully been saving with said AV running up until a few weeks ago…

I realize what you are saying, I was using Norton and McAfee over the years and had issues with both. Windows Defender has not given me any problems since I switched.