Error message having and issue reaching Trimble Connect

For the past 2 days, when I try to save an existing file with changes, I am getting the error message, “We’re having an issue reaching Trimble Connect. Please download a backup file. While you try that, we’ll be working on this issue.” This is really impeding my ability to get work done! I did see that there will be an outage to work on Trimble Connect. Don’t know if this is related or if I’ve reached some limit of number of files I’m able to save. Please Help. Thanks.

outage is planned in the EU region.

if you switch server to US and create a project, do you get the same error ?

in theory if you’re on a subscription there shouldn’t be a limit of number of files… your profile says you’re on SU pro 2020, are you still on this classic licence ?

This could be an issue with the browser’s cache and it might be time to clear that out. You could also try a different browser to see if there is any change in behavior when saving to Trimble Connect in order to rule out any issues with 3rd party plugins.

For information about clearing your browser’s cache please click here.

Are you still using SketchUp 2020 as your profile says?