Cannot open Sketchup 2017 software

I have tried to open Sketchup 2017 and it doesn’t work. I also reinstall the same version but it also not working. The Start Page not showing up

What operating system? Your profile shows ‘2017’ which doesn’t identify an operating system.

Windows 10. It loads but it stops without sending an error message

It’s very hard to help when you give so little information.
Does it stop and you have to use the task manager to close it, or does it stop and close on it’s own?
Do you have more than one monitor?
My guess would be that the start screen is opening offscreen waiting for input from you.
If this is the case you can unplug any extra monitors to force it back to the main screen or you can use a set of keystrokes to move it manually. They are alt and spacebar together, then tap m(where m is the shortcut for move in your language), then tap any arrow, then without clicking move the mouse around until the start window appears.

i mean “welcome to sketchup” is not showing
I have only one monitor
It cannot open (can’t load)

I’ve updated to Windows 11 and the issue is gone.