Cannot get my iPad to sign in. I purchased the app and it wont let me do anything

For those of you who are reporting issues regarding issues related to entitlements, specifically, that you’ve paid for a subscription, but after signing into (or back into) the app, you’re being shown an upsell screen when trying to create a new model, or are seeing view-only features when opening existing models – it’s 99.9999% likely that the root cause is that you’ve signed into the app using a different Trimble Account than the one that you were signed in with when you purchased your subscription.

Please note that Trimble accounts are ID-specific. This means that when you sign in using either of the different authentication paths that are offered (Trimble ID, Google ID, Apple ID, and MSFT ID) it’s possible that you can end up creating multiple accounts, that are associated with different email addresses, and/or ID services.

Trimble Connect also requires that you sign in with the same Account/ID in order to view any files that you have stored there. For those of you who have noted that recent files (especially those that you’ve saved to Connect) are not showing up when you sign in, that’s another good clue that you may have inadvertently signed in with the wrong account.

This is getting absurd. I tried all suggestions

So I’ve purchased my sketch up go on the safari on the iPad which then I checked my account showing the plan is active but then when I open the sketch up it still showing I have to pay for a free trial which makes no sense anyone can help other wise I want a full refund from Trimble and use other provider instead

Contact support and they’ll help you. Most of the time, it’s people using different emails to sign in than they purchased with, but support will help you through that.