Cannot get a profile to PushPull

I have drawn a crown molding profile but I’ve goofed it somehow. When I create a group for the profile, the profile is evidently not closed completely. Is there any means by which to select all the lines and Bezier curves at one time and them join them together to make a complete profile/group that I can Push Pull?

The most likely error you have made is the bezier isn’t flat.
If you attach your model we can check.
It’s often best to draw your shape on a larger face so that it is all in plane then remove the outside.

Sorry, got tied up. Here is the file.

458CrownMolding.skp (37.0 KB)

Forgot to also say I drew the 4-5/8 x 9/16 rectangle first then did the profile. I’m using Fredo Spline for the Bezier. I thought for certain I was on the same plane but maybe not.

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If you select front view and set camera to parallel projection, then zoom in you’ll see some geometry out of plane.


I will have to look at it that way then. So, how do I make certain to stay on the same plane? I can sort of understand that going off plane happen but the question is how to stay on plane.

As @Box suggests above, you can start with larger face and draw the profile on that making sure you see the inference “on face”.

It appears as though my error is relative to the bezier curve. I suppose I could delete the bezier only, place the rest on a face, and then redraw the bezier. Would that work?

It should.

Okay, thanks for helping me out with this. It had me stumped.

I am still having an issue making this profile Push/Pull capable. All I can come up with is that some lines somewhere are not connected. I have also tried to give full control to the file for forum evaluation but can’t seem to accomplish that either.

458CrownMolding_02.skp (65.4 KB)

The simplest solution is the over-draw the ‘vertical’ edge of the loose shape.
A face will then be added automatically.

Because the bottom point of the outline is touching the side of the larger rectangle there’s a known effect where the outline won’t ‘cut’ the larger face, even when the group containing it is exploded… If you move the group up a little and then explode it, it will cut the big face OK…

But the easiest solution is just to over-draw one edge to force a face to form…


Very strange - but it worked! How the heck did you ever figure that one out?

A face is formed during drawing when all the lines are in one plane. If not, subsequent adjustments with techniques other than drawing (moving, rotating, etc.) do not make the face. Therefore, you must use one of the drawing tools to create it even if all the lines are moved in one plane.

Or you can make a face with the Create Face utility, which can be downloaded and installed from the Extension Warehouse as part of the Utilities Tools.