Cannot draw on axis

I can be drawing using all 3 axis,blue, green and red, then suddenly I can not draw on say green, it varies. It tends to come back after a while; think I have inadvertently done something by mistake, can u help?

Could you have pressed one of the arrow keys on the keyboard? These lock in a particular direction, the locked axis should be highlighted. Otherwise you may be expierencing the inference engine “helping” you.

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It might also be the position/angle you are facing. If you orientate the view to the axis you want to draw on that makes a difference, or you can force a specific axis/plane by using the arrow keys.

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thanks for your reply…I can force it to select the green axis through pressing the arrow keys, which is great but a little perplexed why it will not select green axis by its self.

thanks for your reply, it works!

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Unfortunately you’ll not see intersections between geometry (nor guides) and any of the axes just by having them cross the axes. You’ll have to pick up (=reactivate) the inference to drawing on an axis by hovering over the origin first. Maybe you’ll even need to switch to X-Ray first if the origin is covered/blocked. Once you have SketchUp’s focus on the axes again, you can draw on axis and or find their desired intersections with existing geometry and guides.
After a while and some other operations SketchUp may forget its focus on the axes again

I sometimes put guide lines along the axes to make it easier to get inferences to them, as the origin is often beneath something and far away from where I want the inference.


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