Locking inferences and drawing along a different axis to make a sphere

I have used Sketchup an drawn some complex things… but i need someone to tell me exactly what to do because I think tutorials presume that I know some basics. I am trying to draw a dome as part of drawing a bottle. It’s probably very simple.
I’m not sure if this is how to do it… pressing the arrow keys doesn’t seem to do anything. I watched a Youtube tutorial and I drew one horizontal circle, , then tried to draw a vertical one but I can’t work out what to press to make it draw on a different axis… I’m on a Mac with Sketchup 15.3.329
This is what I am reading on the SketchUp database…

Locking inferences with a keyboard
By locking inferences, you can confidently draw along the direction you intend to draw. Another reason to lock an inference is to maintain one drawing direction while you reference geometry from another part of the model. That’s a more advanced move, but very helpful. The easiest way to lock an inference to the default axes directions is to use the arrow keys:

Orientation is all about where the camera is looking.
Look down it will be blue, orbit up so you are more horizontal and it can be green or red depending which axis you are looking along.

Have a look here.



As a beginner I had this problem. To change between red, green and blue is rel. easy, but with WorkPlane I have no problem in any direction.

Personally I think it inappropriate to recommend a plugin that is designed for more advanced work when the question is about one of the fundamentals of the program.
Without understanding basic orientation and why it works you will be forever lost.

The Arrow key axis lock works differently in SU2016, so those instructions can be confusing if you are using an earlier version.


@box : “key axis lock works differently” Thanks for that !

I am an old man and prefer SU8. I don´t know which version “CYCLONE” is using. Do You?

WorkPlane works in each version I tried equal.

Yes I know it works, but isn’t needed to understand how orientation works.
If anything, using workplane stops you learning how this basic and important function works.

My reference to SU2016 axis lock was in response to the section Cyclone quoted.
If he is using SU2015 as he says then the axis lock with the arrow keys won’t work exactly as described.

To play Mr.Spok: " I’m on a Mac with Sketchup 15.3.329"

I know, that some people like it complicated :wink:

@box: “If anything, using workplane stops you learning how this basic and important function works.”

99,99% agree, but not everybody wants to learn !?

everybody wants to have succes, and so I thank for this “highgrading” of “WorkPlane”.

My philosophy is, that the creator of “WorkPlane” has had a very good reason to create that tool.

(excuse everybody for this “english” - it´s not my mothers language and the last lesson I had was 1955)