Better LO Axis locking

Make LO axis locking just like SU… Use the arrow keys to completely lock the axis. This would allow the inferencing to be much better. It is so annoying when I try to align two lines by holding shift but it changes direction as soon a I get to the place I need to be. This seems like it would be an easy fix and more sensible.


I think this has probably been requested several times before. I know I have asked for it!

I always find it odd when things that work fine in SU no longer do so in LO, or that work differently for no obviously good reason, almost as if it has been designed by a different company.

Until we get an improvement, I can offer a (sort of) solution. I have found that it can help to do a move (or copy/move) in two parts. Start by moving along an axis and then release in an arbitrary place. Now pick it up and complete the move. For some reason, that often cures the problem.

Another fix I use is to draw a temporary horizontal or vertical line and then use that to lock things to. It’s horribly clunky but if you only have a hammer, you will use that to drive the screw in!

YES PLEASE! The almost-the-axis-you-are-on-lock is useless in so many stations. If the point you want to project is closer to the wrong axis than the axis you want to draw along, LO currently uses the wrong axis. Why can’t we just have arrows keys for axis locks, and shift to look to current inference, exactly like in SketchUp?

This summarizes LO quite well!


reminds me of something once said…a man was observing another hammering in screws…and he says… “what do you think that slot in the head is for”?..“that’s in case you need to take it out”!

Anyway…add me to the list asking for a much needed locking of axis function.


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