SketchUp Axis Traffic Light

Can SketchUp developers PLEASE create a tool or can someone PLEASE make a plugin that allows you to disable an axis? I know I can lock an axis with the arrows for a particular input, but I would like to be able to turn any axis off and on at will. I do a lot of renovations and additions, so when I draw existing conditions floorplans from field measurements, I start off “drawing” them two dimensionally on the X & Y (green & red) plane (like a sheet of paper). Then I build the model from there. Sometime, when drawing more complex and larger floor plans, I can run into problems staying absolutely on that plane. When I start getting non-parallel edges, co-planer conditions, “holes in faces” due to inadvertent inferencing to the blue axis, it can start to get messy (especially if I don’t catch or realize it until much later). I would like to request that SketchUp create a function or tool, maybe something that looks like a little “traffic light”, that would have a green, red, and blue circle. One could simply click on any one of the circles to “grey” it out and disable it temporarily in order to work on just two axis’s when you want (so you can temporarily “draw” in 2-D. Seems like something that would be a simple thing to add to the tool set… and I bet it would make a lot of SketchUp users’ lives much easier ! Thanks for the consideration !

I agree that would be helpful. In the meantime I just regularly hit the arrow keys to specify the axis I want to draw on. I also have a scene to quickly toggle regular view with an editing view that shows edge color by axis. This is a good way to not draw off axis.

Just use TIG “2d tools”. It does exactly that.

You can also begin by creating a large rectangle on the ground (red-green plane).

Then, when you add lines on that plane they will have the tendency to snap to it and thus to stay away from wandering along the blue axis.

What I do is draw a rectangle on the desired plane, then I hover over the rectangle area, hold down shift key, then start drawing. This forces all the drawing to stay along that rectangles plane. This is very helpful when drawing on multiple vertically stacked (blue axis) planes.