How to draw on blue / green plane

Hey all. New to SketchUp and am trying to figure out how to draw a rectangle using the blue axis. My blue goes up/down, green goes front/back, and red goes left/right. I want to draw a rectangle along the blue/green axis. when I try it extends along the red axis instead of goin up on the blue. How do I get it to go up along the blue and back on the green?

There are a lot of possible ways…

  • use the rotated rectangle tool
  • use the line tool
  • rotate the view to a more perpendicular view towards the desired face
  • rotate the rectangle after the creation
  • …

Orbit you view around so you are looking along the red toward the green.

Remember in SketchUp you are working in a 3D space so you need to move the camera around as you work.

Drawing a vertical rectangle (or the similar task of importing a vertical image) can be tricky in an otherwise empty file…because there is nothing for the orbit cursor to fix onto in order for you to navigate down to a position where you are effectively looking along the red or green axis.

Personally, I usually just draw the rectangle on the ground, then select and rotate it vertical (having drawn something, there then is something for the cursor to fix onto). Another option is to click on one of the side view icons (the little house). That will place the red axis coming straight at you…so it’s impossible to draw a rectangle on anything other than blue-green.

FYI, Two intersecting axis (vectors) describe a plane. (Edited topic title for ya’.)

No matter how I turn the camera, when I try to draw on the green blue it just continues on the dotted red and solid green. nothing I do seems to get it to go blue/green

Try choosing the Right view from Camera>Standard Views.

that worked. thanks

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What am I doing wrong? When I make a rectangle and select it to push/pull for thickness either it has no bottom side or no ends. Why? Am I doin somethin wrong? I make a rectangle, triple click it, click on push/pull and I get a side missing

Can you share the SKP file just before Push/Pull?

There’s no need to triple click on the rectangle before getting the Push/Pull tool. Draw the rectangle, get Push/Pull, click on the face and extrude it.

Is your face a part of a bigger face or connected to other loose geometry? You can use Ctrl to force the bottom face then…

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I make a rectangle the size I need (l x w x h) erase the planes so I have just a wire frame. make the end rectangle and push/pull to the correct thickness and the outside edge is always missing. if I make a piece in the length it is missing the bottom, etc. Is it because I delete the original to get the wire frame?

You’re going to way too much work, Frank, and it isn’t the right process.

I expect that’s the problem.

Make a rectangle to the length and width you need. A rectangle is a 2D shape so it can only have two dimensions. Don’t erase anything. Get Push/Pull and extrude the rectangle to 3D entering the required 3rd dimension.