Draw Rectangle follows axis lines



I am new to SketchUp.

Each time I want to draw a rectangle, directly it’s placed in “Red - Green” plane.

Is there a key that I can choose to place rectangle in " Green - Blue" or “Blue - Red” plane?


(For this you should use the new tool rotated rectangle)


This is because your point of view is looking down along the blue z axis at the red x-green y ground plane.

The “key” is camera orientation
By default, tool alignment is view based when modeling in open space.
Simply orbit the camera until your view is predominantly along the Red x, Green y or Blue z axis.
See this article:
How do I draw a rectangle or circle (or polygon) oriented vertically? — SketchUp Sage Site

The Rotated Rectangle tool is a nice new feature.
Unfortunately, it is confusing to new users who must first learn how to control view-based tool orientation.


Thanks. It works well now.