2D Only Mode

Is there a way to lock the axes so I can draw only in 2D? I’d like to be in parallel projection and lock the Z-axis to be out of the page so that I can’t rotate and only pan. Is that possible? Thanks

No. Just be careful to avoid orbiting the camera. You can’t prevent drawing in 3D, though. Personally I find it easier to draw in 2D in SletchUp by leaving the camera in Perspective and using a sort of 3/4 view of the model space. That helps me ensure the geometry remains planar.

While there is no lock, several users had requested this feature in the past and so back in March, they made it possible to disable certain types of swipe in the options. Tap on the settings gear when inside a model and when in the ‘pencil and multitouch’ tab you can choose from a few options for each guesture, including ‘none’…. Which you may find helpful in this case.

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Ah. Perfect. Provides exactly the effect I was looking to achieve. Much easier to do floor plan layout in this mode. Thank you so much.

Check periodically to ensure you haven’t created edges that are off plane. It’s still possible for that to happen.

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