Where is the green axes?

Hello friends,

Sometimes I lose the green axis, sometimes and the red axis and I do not understand why
When I give restart to sketchup everything is ok
I use Sketchup Pro 2022 and Windows 11 Pro 64
Laptop specifications:
12 Gen I9 - 12900H
RTX 3080 TI video card

I use sketchup preferences OpenGL 8x

In the latest versions, we can toggle off inference.
you might have hit alt by mistake.
to force draw on green axes hit left arrow

the cycle through inference mode is : all on / all off / parallel-Perpendicular Only
which means that you’d have to hit alt twice more to go back to normal.

exiting the line tool will also bring inference back next time you use it

hello paul

I have toogle linear inferences (All On) but don’t shows only axes green sometimes,


When you press the left arrow on your keyboard, what happens?

shows axes green but locked