Cannot deploy SketchUp for Schools (Microsoft)

Hi, I am IT Manager for LABA. I followed all your instructions to deploy Sketchup still doesn’t work: every time I (as admin) try to login to edu.sketchup I get the following error.


  • Are you using a G Suite or Microsoft Education account?
  • Did your admin install Sketchup for schools in your domain and gave you auth? (there are instructions just for GSuite and not for Microsoft Intra)

Our domain is we’re a K-12 university based in Italy.

Hi @LABA thanks for the post. It sounds like you may have an issue with our firewall so I’ll go ahead and make sure you are in our database. By the time this post is live you should be all set to deploy the app if you have not already done so. Just make sure you don’t miss any steps as you deploy the app as that can cause issues later on. In case you need a reminder on how to deploy SketchUp for Schools, here is a handy video link that will outline all the steps.