Login Sketchup School refers to "Are you at the right site?" message


the registration with the Admin-Account für our Microsoft Education is done. But now I get the “Are you at the right place?” message if I attemp to login. Although all settings (Pop-Up, Cookie etc.) are set.

Our domains are:


How can I activate SketchUp for Schools within my Microsoft 365 admin center like point 3 of the message demands?

Thanks a lot for a hint and with best regards
Stefan Rapp

Hi @Stefan.Rapp thanks for the post and sorry you are having difficulty with SketchUp for Schools. Generally speaking, if you are seeing that message on a Microsoft environment, it is because of one of two things. The most likely cause is a bad deployment and all you need to do is re-deploy the app to see if that fixes it. I’ll go ahead and link the deployment instructions in video form so you can make sure you don’t miss any steps. I’ll also go ahead and get your domain added to our database as that fixes the second most common error.

Just to confirm, I added schulzentrum-stetten-akm.de and schueler.schulzentrum-stetten-akm.de to our database. If you need me to add any different domains, let me know.

Anyway, here is the promised video:

Hi Casey,
thanks a lot. GREAT! It works and yes, you have added the right two domains.

If I want to deploy an access to my pupils I have to add them in the Microsoft 365 admin center or can they just login because I create the connection between sketchup and Microsoft with my admin-account and the domains are added in your database?

Thanks for you help

Thats a good question @Stefan.Rapp and I don’t actually know for sure what the answer is as I am more familiar with the Google environment. I’ll ping @Tori_SU when we are back at the office later this week and see what she says so I can get you the correct answer.

My guess though is that they will be able to just log in via their account without any additional steps as long as all the steps were followed in the deployment process.