Cannot correctly export images from Layout to .DWG to be able to manipulate them in AutoCad

Hi all

I am having difficulties exporting my Layout files to .DWG to be able to open and manipulate them in CAD. Forgive my ignorance as I am a novice at using AutoCAD.

I worked out that if I export to .dwg and include the relevant images in the same folder as the .dwg file, then it correctly shows up like this:

However, the individual components of the image are not clickable to be able to amend/manipulate them in AutoCAD.

Is there anything we can do in the export settings so that the files can come up in .dwg format where the images are seen and the individual lines are clickable? I have tried to unclick the Export as Native DWG/DXF Entities option when exporting from LayOut to .dwg to explode the image into individual lines but nothing happened.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Share the LO file so we can see what you are working with.

How did you render the viewport?

Here you go…


Excuse my ignorance I don’t know how to render the viewport…

So your viewport is rendered as raster which means there’s nothing but an image to export in the .dwg.

Select the viewport and and in the SketchUp model panel, change the rendering from Raster to Vector.

Also you should be creating a scene for the viewport in SketchUp. Using Last save SketchUp view is going to cause you problems if you have to go back to the model and make any edits.

BTW, I would suggest you give some consideration to page borders. I expect you’ll lose a bunch of your text if you leave it placed as is it is.

You would also do well to create all that title block stuff as text and drawn lines instead of an image.

Absolute lifesaver! Thank you so much Dave. You really are a SketchUp Sage! Much appreciated. This solved my problems. Your additional comments are noted - thank you for the advice.

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