HELP exporting from SU Layout to .dwg

Is it possible to export files from SU Layout to.dwg Autocad? I really need it because we were required to use Autocad in a 2D plan. Individuals heard there was no issue with exporting files in the SU Layout 2014-15 version, but there are numerous issues in the most recent release.

What issues? Your profile says you are using 2018 which is far from the most recent release.

It is possible to export to .dwg from LayOut. If you are having problems with that please be specific. Sharing your LayOut file can also be a big help in getting things sorted for you.

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It looked like this in one of my classmates’ computers. The text is overlapping, and the drawings are not scaled.

What kind of export settings are you using?
The drawings shown in your screenshot are perspectives. They cannot be scaled.
Also, unless your SketchUp views use Vector rendering, the only thing you get in your DWG will be a raster image.

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So I ran a quick test to see if this was true, and it came out like this. It appeared to be only an image.

Use Vector rendering instead of Raster.

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I honestly don’t know, sir; my classmate just forwarded it to me.

When I changed the settings from raster to vector, this occurred; text is not included sir.

Depending on your export settings, text might be on the paper space sheets.

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Will I be able to insert it into the model space as well? If so, what settings should I use sir?

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