DWG export problem with Layout 2018

Hi guys, i have a little problem with Layout:

I would like to export my work into dwg format, but i can´t do it correctly - when i do it, some texts are broken, some texts are so big etc. I created 3D model (with SketchUp Pro 2018) of one buliding and made some basic 2D scenes of it. I exported those scenes into layout and added some dimensions and text etc. on different pages. Also i transformed those scenes into vectorgraphics in Layout. Then i exported layout file into dwg and opened it with Autodesk DWG Trueview 2018 - some texts are so big some not - maybe someone can help me? How can i fix it?

I will add two pictures of my situation:

Best wishes,


It must be a metric/inches bug in the exporter. I get the same - the text in some multiline text objects gets its character height multiplied by 25.4, and some text lines go missing. Texts that only have one line seem to behave better.

Hi Anssi, but is there any method how to avoid that multiplying bug?

Until it gets fixed, breaking text blocks with multiple lines into separate single line texts might be a workaround.

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