SketchUp 2018 DWG export bugs



In LayOut 2018 when I export in DWG the tables (spreadsheet tables) are not ok at all, are huge and need to be scaled.
Also some text are huge too but just some one.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I’ll look into what is happening.



This issue also suffers me. I have created test file.

When importing this (7.6 KB)
xls file into LayOut, there is severe regression.


Hey @trent and @adam, Is there any progress on this issue? Is this a known bug? Are there any suggested workarounds?


Hey Katya, this is a known issue that effects tables as well as multi-line text that we have been working on a fix for. The only work around at this time would be to explode your table and turn your multiline text into single line text.



I hope this help to find the bug:

The notes exported with the arrow on the right and text on the left are exported as multi line text and the text become big.
The notes exported the arrow on the left and text on the right are exported as single line text and the text become in only one line

This is a screenshoot in Sketchup layout:

This is the effect in dwg (I use Nanocad, but the effect is the same)

The multiline text appear in the property textbox of autocad as:


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